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The Cake Initiative

We are a community of voluntary bakers that share a passion for helping financially struggling families by providing a birthday cake for their child free of charge. Times are financially tough for many families at the moment. Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

Our cakes are lovingly handmade and will be handed over in a public place, to ensure the safety of both parties. We have volunteers based across the UK. Can we help to bring a smile to your child's face on their birthday?

Support our initiative

We believe we work with some of the most kind-hearted and generous bakers around. If you would like to join our amazing team please click the button below.

If you don’t wish to join us in a baking capacity, please consider assisting us financially instead. We welcome any financial donations, we set no minimum amount. Your money will be put towards the upkeep of our website and to driving our campaign forwards through advertising, to make sure that those that need help know that we are here. We also set aside a percentage to support our bakers.



Make a Wish UK

When it comes to birthday cakes, we are in our element! This is why Make a Wish UK has teamed up with our brilliant bakers, to provide cakes to children as part of its party packages. We are proud to support such a worthwhile cause.


Refugee Kindness

Refugee Kindness is a charity based in North Wales that works with its local community to provide essential items to refugees that are in need. You can find out more about the support they offer here

52 Lives Logo

52 Lives

52 Lives is a fantastic charity that aims to change a life every week of the year, through the kindness and generosity of strangers.  You can find out more on their website


This charity protects, supports and nurtures the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Black Country Women's Aid (BCWA)

This charity has been supporting women and children for over 30 years, helping them to escape living in fear, overcome trauma and rebuild their lives.


Trussell Trust Food Banks

The Trussell Trust is a nationwide network of food banks that provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty

Batten Disease Family Association

BDFA provides support and advocacy to families affected by Batten disease, a rare and terminal neurodegenerative condition that affects children and young people.

The Little Edi Foundation

Little Edi focuses on creating development opportunities for disadvantaged young people in Essex


Do you love baking? Whether you are a professional baker or bake for fun, your cakes would mean the world to the child of a financially struggling family.

Please get in touch

Ready to join us?

Unlike some similar organisations, we do not require you to set up from scratch for your local area and coordinate handovers. We do this “heavy-lifting” centrally, so you can concentrate on the important bits – the baking and gifting.

Whilst we are here to support those children and their families that are in need, our priority is to keep our bakers safe and happy – as you are the magic in the mix. We will never ask you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. All bakes are handed over in a public space and your personal details remain with us. You’ll also be entitled to some pretty snazzy discounts for brilliant baking products, thanks to the generosity of some amazing businesses.

You do not need to have a hygiene certificate, however we do expect you to follow good hygiene safety practice – Please see our Food Safety and Hygiene Advice document

Please read the Bakers Guidance
for more details and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thank you to our reward partners


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    Social media handles. We often use Instagram & Facebook to keep in touch with our bakers
    Do you hold a hygiene certificate (not essential – see details)*

    Let us help!

    Request a Birthday Cake

    If you are struggling to make ends meet around your child’s birthday, please reach out to one of our charity partners https://cake-initiative.org.uk/#partners who will be able to make a request on your behalf.  We are also able to take requests made by schools and nurseries.

    Charity partners, please note:
    We require at least 2 weeks’ notice to fulfill an order.

    Regrettably, at this point in time, we are unable to cater for children with allergies.

    We do not keep requester details for any longer than we have to. These will be deleted from our records once the cake has been handed over.

    Please use an official email address to make the request.

      Request Now

      Your preferred handover location (this must be a public space, we recommend your local supermarket)

      Do you require the cake to be handed to the requesting family directly?
      Please note, the following details will be used at the baker's discretion and are not essential if you choose not to provide them. We cannot guarantee that the baker will be able to fulfil all criteria.

      Read Requester’s terms here
      The team behind the scenes

      Cake Initiative Team

      Laura Stenton-Slater

      Laura Stenton-Slater

      Co-Founder and Director

      From a pipe dream to our reality, The Cake Initiative is something pretty special and I am so proud to witness and be part of this mission. None of this would be possible, if it wasn’t for our beautiful team of voluntary bakers, stepping up and offering their support daily. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

      Emma Randall

      Emma Randall

      Co-Founder and Director

      The amount of people experiencing financial difficulty in the UK has increased dramatically since the coronavirus outbreak. We are now in a situation where 31 percent of children are living in poverty – this equates to an average of 9 in a class of 30.

      Amy McCool

      Amy McCool


      I have many fond memories of birthday cakes as a child and it breaks my heart to know some children miss out on this opportunity. We want to create a community where it’s ok to ask for help without fear of judgment.

      Our Patron


      Baker bees who stick together rise together

      Hello, my darlings! I’m Lucille L’queur, a drag queen that just happens to love baking.

      I am thrilled, flattered, and so very honoured to have been asked to be the patron of The Cake Initiative.

      Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be asked to be a part of something so marvellous and to be trusted with something so special to a lot of people when I decided to embark on this new adventure in 2019. Now, to be surrounded by all these wonderfully talented and caring bakers. To know that I’m not the only one who wants to make the world a better place. So for that, I will always be eternally grateful.

      The one thing that I was always taught growing up was the best medicine is laughter. So keep smiling, my darlings, and let’s spread the love together!


      Other sources of help

      Food banks across the UK 

      Support for numerous issues, including legal advice

      Housing support

      Debt support

      Debt support

      Who can claim and how to claim benefits

      Domestic abuse support

      Gifted Bakes

      Take a look at some of our selected gifted bakes below from our wonderful bakers, that are bringing a smile to children’s faces on their birthday throughout the country



      The Cake Initiative - Supporting Families

      Every penny helps us grow our community across the UK. By receiving donations we can ensure growth and awareness through online platforms and direct community conversations, meaning more families will have our support. We would also love to give back to our voluntary bakers as a way to say thank you. Raising funds means we can ensure they have appropriate certifications, skill sets and technologies for us to dream big such and go far together. Making smiles, one bake at a time!

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